Hi there. I’m Maureen. I am a qualified Psychodynamic Counsellor/Psychotherapist.

I provide a safe confidential space where you can explore whatever seems to be troubling you.

Your needs will be listened to without judgement.

You may be suffering with anxiety, depression or the loss of a loved one. You may be facing other major life changes and don’t know who to turn to.

I will work with you to help you gain awareness, clarity and confidence to deepen your understanding of yourself and your relationship with others.

My Passion

My passion is helping people. As a Psychodynamic therapist I listen to the unconscious thoughts, These can be buried deep through traumatic events, exploring the root cause of issues can implement lasting changes. I will support you in understanding how traumatic experiences from the past may influence your behaviour in the present through unhealthy choices and repeated patterns. This can be painful but once revealed it can make for a happier more fulfilling life. I will give you the secure place you need to explore your feelings. 

Talking with someone who is understanding and empathic can make a real difference. I will tailor our sessions to what is of most help to you, identifying the reasons behind your unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  I offer you a safe and confidential secure place for you to open up these feelings.,